Overhead Crane Sales

Overhead Crane Parts and Equipment Delivered around the Southeast

With most overhead crane repairs or maintenance comes parts replacement. Though these cranes and hoists are built to handle massive loads and long work days, individual parts or systems will wear over time. Patriot Crane offers overhead crane parts and equipment sales to our existing customers to give them the best customer-service experience possible.

Quick Identification and Replacement

As a dedicated business partner with our customers, we want to provide them a single source for all their overhead crane needs. This is why we act as a parts distributor to our existing customers in the Southeastern United States. When we come to your facility for an annual inspection, we’ll check to see if any parts need to be replaced immediately or might need to be replaced soon.

When you call us with a repair request, our technicians will be able to bring the replacement part with them to the job site. This ensures that our technicians are familiar with the part and can install it without delay. By acting as an overhead crane parts sales center, we can remedy your problems quickly and seamlessly, to keep your processes flowing. This is just another way Patriot Crane serves our customers better.

Making Modernization Easier

When we take on the task of modernizing your overhead crane, we will most likely need to replace major parts. Our initial assessment will examine which parts will need replacing and which systems need upgrading. Since we are a parts sales center, we won’t need to waste time or money on third-party suppliers.
As a commitment to our loyal customers, Patriot Crane supplies them with overhead crane parts and equipment. If you need a part replaced or have another request, call us and speak to a real person any time of day!