Overhead Crane Modernization

Overhead Crane Modernization Services

If your production or manufacturing facility has an aging overhead crane, you may be considering replacing it. However, this solution may not be the best for your company. An overhead crane modernization may be exactly what your facility needs. Modernization could mean upgrading a few components or the whole system.

What Is Overhead Crane Modernization?

As your overhead crane ages, it carries with it those years of wear and tear. Patriot Crane will give your crane a facelift and make it sturdy for the future. We specialize in upgrading all overhead crane types and helping you optimize your production. Our technicians evaluate each crane to assess the components that need updating and how they can retrofit your crane system to better serve your needs. We do all the work ourselves and carry the overhead crane parts essential to modernization.

Reasons to Modernize Your Overhead Crane

New overhead crane systems are expensive. On top of the money you may spend on purchasing a new crane, the downtime your facility will face could lead to profit losses. Even with routine maintenance and inspections, eventually, your crane will need a complete upgrade. Patriot Crane offers overhead crane modernization, which updates the whole system. This not only prolongs its life, modernization makes sure the crane is fit for future inspections and standards.
However, there are other reasons your overhead crane needs modernization:

  • Revamp or replace critical components
  • Meet legal and safety standards
  • Retrofit for new production needs
  • Create a safer work environment for your employees


For more information about overhead crane modernization, give Patriot Crane a call. You will speak to a live person who can answer all your questions no matter when you contact us.