Overhead Crane Inspection

Overhead Crane Inspections around the Southeast

The first step to proper overhead crane maintenance is regular inspection. Patriot Crane provides overhead crane inspection services to manufacturing, production and other industrial facilities across the Southeastern United States. Each of our technicians have been fully trained and certified to conduct a thorough review of your overhead crane system, including safety and operational levels.

More than a Checklist

At Patriot Crane, we believe that a proper inspection does more than just check boxes on a report. We understand that adequate isn’t good enough for our customers, so we seek to provide in-depth analysis of the overhead crane machine, the electrical system and operating environment to identify all current or future problems.

Patriot Crane inspections:

  • Ensure compliance with OSHA Standards
  • Check all safety points
  • Increase the life of your overhead crane
  • Spot potential need for repairs
  • Reduce liability in case of accidents
  • Optimize functionality


Benefits of Routine Crane Inspections

More than just meeting federal regulations and avoiding fines, having your overhead crane system inspected can save you money. When a Patriot Crane technician inspects your overhead crane, they will do more than just check it for baseline standards.

Our technicians look for potential problems and suggest how and when to remedy them, which will save you money on costly repairs in the short term and in the future. We can also solve many of these problems during our visit thanks to our fully equipped service trucks. Routine inspections and maintenance also increase the life of your crane, saving your company money on new machinery. Our commitment to exceptional service includes helping our customers save money and ensure workplace safety. Call us to schedule your overhead crane inspection.