Why Us?

Why Choose Us for Your Overhead Crane Services

In the manufacturing world, time is money. Any downtime or kink in your process can cost your company more than just profit loss. At Patriot Crane, we make It our goal to provide prompt overhead crane service with competitive pricing. When you work with us, you will deal with knowledgeable, helpful technicians that will deliver quick solutions to your overhead crane problems.

Top-Notch Customer Service in the Southeast

Though we don’t often brag on our own work, we have a track record of customer loyalty. We believe this is directly related to our customer-first mentality. To start, whenever you call Patriot Crane, you will speak with a live person—no recordings or machines, even after hours. This means we can start handling your request immediately. On top of that, we have 32 technicians throughout the Southeast who can respond to your overhead crane problems quickly. We aim to provide the best customer experience from start to finish for each client and every call.

Expertly Trained Technicians

Beyond our commitment to customer service, Patriot Crane believes in comprehensive, insightful and continual training for our technicians. You can trust that the person inspecting or repairing your overhead crane has been thoroughly trained on all makes and models of cranes. Not only are our technicians trained in the physical, mechanical and electrical fields of overhead crane service, we train them to provide exceptional customer service. A Patriot Crane technician is prepared to provide skilled and courteous service.

Doing the Little Things Right

More than our quality customer service and knowledgeable technicians, Patriot Crane goes above and beyond in all facets of our operations so yours stay optimal. For starters, many of our technicians are working toward part ownership or an equity stake in our company, meaning they have a direct investment in the overall success of the company. We also keep each utility service trucks supplied with proper tools and equipment for every service call so we can do our jobs correctly. Patriot Crane also promises to fix any mistake for free and will work to make it right.
Patriot Crane is a trusted overhead crane service company in the Southeastern United States. We work to earn each of our customers’ loyalty, returning and new, on each call we receive. If you need overhead crane services for your industrial building, call Patriot Crane today!